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July 1, 2024

Wonderscope Media Group Celebrates its 1-Year Anniversary

It’s been 1 Year since we revealed the creation of Wonderscope Media Group. A family of companies with a goal of bringing wonder to the world of media.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the incredible projects we’ve been able to work on this year, and talk a little bit about what our mission was back when we launched Wonderscope.

Please enjoy this special video we put together to celebrate this moment and reflect on Wonderscope’s first year:

Before we launched Wonderscope Media Group, we were known only as Lucky Element Media (now one of our 3 media entities). Under Lucky Element Media, we repeatedly ran into the issue of providing relevant information to our clients across the large variety of services and industries we service.

For example, our real estate services were being confused with our standard photography and videography. Clients were becoming easily confused by the overlap of these services and we realized that change needed to happen.

That’s where Wonderscope came into the picture! We wanted to create personalized experiences tailored to the 3 main pillars of our business.

Brightpixl Studios – Photography & Videography

Brightpixl Studios

We introduced Brightpixl Studios, a dedicated production company focused on photography and videography services. With this new division, we’ve been able to create award-winning short films like ‘Food For Thought‘ and ‘Nereid‘, help businesses spread their message with huge campaigns, and capture fantastic events.

Red Dragon Creative – Branding & Website Design

Red Dragon Creative

The second company we unveiled was Red Dragon Creative. Our design studio offers graphic design and website design solutions for any venture. We worked on some exciting digital transformations for established brands by redesigning their online presence with fresh new logos and stunning websites.
Not to mention helping brand new entrepreneurs start their business right with branding at the forefront.

Lucky Element Media – Real Estate Marketing

Lucky Element Media

The last company under Wonderscope, was also technically the first! We didn’t want to part ways with everything Lucky Element Media had done for us, so we made sure it was able to live on as our new rebranded, dedicated real estate marketing division.

One year ago, we took a huge risk by splitting our services into these new dedicated companies. But it was a risk that paid off in more ways than we could ever imagine. All 3 of our companies are thriving under the Wonderscope Media Group umbrella and we have been able to deliver next-level experiences and results for our clients.

As we look to the future, we couldn’t be more excited to continue growing and evolving our services to meet the changing demands of our industry, and we look forward to working with our clients on even more game-changing projects for years to come.

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