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October 4, 2023

‘Food For Thought’ Wins Best Short Drama at TINFF & GNIFF

Food for Thought Short Film

The film, directed and written by Christine Hann, stars Chris Reid as David, a father who struggles with food insecurity and Anthony Zita as Donald, a food bank worker who goes on his own journey and transformation after meeting David.

At Wonderscope we are incredibly proud of Brightpixl Studios and the entire cast and crew, for the success that Food For Thought has received.

Food For Thought Poster
Food For Thought Official Poster designed by Red Dragon Creative on display at the Paradise Theatre.

In addition to winning the award for Best Short Drama at two film festivals, the film has also seen further success with its acceptance into the Toronto Independent Film Festival, Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Indigo Moon Film Fest & Golden Nugget Internation Film Festival.

TIFF Film Festival
Toronto Independent Film Festival at the Paradise Theatre.

After winning the award at TINFF, Director and Writer Christine Hann took to social media to share this message:

“Getting into film festivals and then winning an award was incredible. What is the most important though, is the reason we made this film in the first place. It’s an opportunity to put a spotlight on food insecurity. This is a community issue as more and more people are relying on the services of food banks. If you are able to, please support your local food banks.”

“We appreciate being able to share our message through different audiences. We hope it brings some insight and perspective on this topic.”

Feel Free to watch the official Trailer for the Food For Thought short film below.

Producers: Maria Belenkova-Buford, Christine Hann, Anju Malhotra, Lori Zozzolotto
Cast: Chris Reid, Jamie Demetriou, Anthony Zita, Marty Papernick, Kathy Sutton, Jennifer Silvestro, Anju Malhotra, Branching Out Support Services
Director of Photography / Sound / Editing: Loucas Loucaides, Jake Hopkins (Brightpixl Studios)
Music: Carmina Cuya
Makeup: Cara Murphy
Photography: Ulrike Kruger
Graphic Design: Dufferin Media, Red Dragon Creative
Special thanks to Orangeville Food Bank, Mississauga Arts Council

Learn more about the short film at:

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